Thorn Valley

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Thorn Valley is the working name for the site of the initial PodHomes construction facility and residential area. It is located in the badlands of southern Oregon, on 20 acres Tessa purchased in 2018. It is located in the High Lava Plains ecoregion.

The general plan is to keep some PodHomes on-site to house the first residents, and later build more permanent structures.


November 2019

The site currently has no facilities, and is out of range of any cell towers; the nearest signals are blocked by hills. Setting up some kind of internet connectivity is a priority, along with sanitary facilities and sustainable electricity generation.

October 2019


July 20, 2019

2019-07-20-tessa-1.jpg 2019-07-20-tessa-2.jpg 2019-07-20-tessa-5.jpg

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