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The PodHome project is designing and building self-contained off-grid "pod homes" that support a 21st-century quality of life without requiring city services (water, sewer, electricity). Free (mesh) internet will also be a priority, but that's a separate project.

The pod homes will be sold on a sort of pay-what-you-can-afford basis, ranging from "decent profit" for those who can afford it to "free" for those who can't.

Toward this end, Tessa has purchased 20 acres of desert land in the Oregon badlands, and is building a production facility there using volunteer labor.


the core purpose is creating sustainable, open source, user-repairable, robust, accessible, secure housing.


October 2019

The current phase of the project, while the land is inaccessible for the winter months, is to document the various subsystem and prototype builds, and create schematics for the housing units for sharing with collaborators and allies.

The three main foci are the comms/media/storage system (#darkpi), the metalworking bits (#microfoundry), and using the aforementioned bits for building a wilderness-ready service truck out of a motor home.

post: 2019-10-19