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McGuffinCoin is a stablecoin financial system and resource exchange method that has been in development for over twenty years.

It works by establishing a global pool of liquid assets, and then distributing them via an auditable rapid-response system which interfaces, as needed, with traditional money systems (which we like to refer to as "GreedCoin").


As a result of these features, it is essentially non-hoardable and un-debtable (you can't go into debt with it; you will always have enough to live on).



Other Key Terms

  • capitalism - a system based on asymetrical division of profits and labour.
  • cryptocurrency - a currency using calculated values and encryption to authenticate validity.
  • communism - a system based on equality of effort and reward.
  • currency - a type of value-token used for negotiating the exchange of goods and services; avoids much of the negotiation involved in barter
  • functional post-scarcity - when stockpiles of resources exist and a logistics network capable of overnighting shoes across oceans exists, and for most normal needs of a human.
  • gay - happy, expressive, and noticeably enthusiastic; can also refer to homosexuality and, by extension, tolerance for harmless differences in human behavior
  • global pool - an organization-wide slush fund for helping keep people fed, housed, and transported.
  • McGuffinCoin - a stablecoin financial system and resource exchange method.
  • neo-feudalism - functional rule of one category of individuals by others, at scale involving more than a village or three.
  • socialism - a system designed to ensure human quality of life does not fall below some tolerable minimum level for any individual
  • stablecoin - a cryptocurrency with value normalized against a unit of a commodity or commodities.